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Stomach Cramp

after swimming 1500 or more mtrs, i always suffer from really really bad stomach cramp. the whole of my stomach muscles cramp up...

at windsor it was fine getting out of the weter, and on the bike, but the run was the worst.

any ideas as to what it is?



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    rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    Possible causes: over-exertion, not enough hydration, not taking on enough extra carbs while racing or training, putting too much in your stomach before training or racing.

    If it happens, as you say, whenever you swim 1500 + metres, then maybe you need to look at what you are eating before you train. The age-old "don't swim for one hour after you've eaten" rule that moms across the planet drummed into us is a good one. Sticking to water before swimming and maybe having a sports drink by the pool (if you practice in a pool) for sipping every 500 metres or so could be good.
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