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Taking The Piss??

Dear All,

Finished two olympic events (Chester / Wakefield) now and both started reasonably early (8.30am / 6.45am). In both I have suffered during the bike leg in having to take a piss which is frustrating as I missed out on beating the 2.30 barrier by 15seconds. I do not seeing anyone else having to get off the bike to piss in the bushes.

Didn't think I was taking on too much water beforehand but am I over-hydrated or is there something else I could/should be doing?

Any advice welcomed


  • How do i say this!

    you will get a warm wet leg [;)]

    wash your self down at the next water stations. but make sure they give you water sports drinks get a bit sticky.

  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    You're not the only one with that particular problem. I always scope out the toilets in any race course, as I often find that I have the same need to urinate, usually somewhere between the bike and the run. I get embarrassed, too, if I have to run into the bushes (if no toilet is available), but not as embarrassed as I would be going down my leg. Different people will absorb and retain fluids in different ways, so don't worry too much about whether or not you see others running for the bushes and just do what you have to do and be as clean and discreet as possible. And carry an extra water bottle on the bike that is just filled with water.

    Oh, and then find a way to be 30 seconds faster next time so that you can afford the time lost to the pee break.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Could be down to nerves or have you tried a pinch of salt in your water bottle? Not sure what sort of diet you have but if its low salt (as it should be) You'll find a pinch will help in some retention. Certainly wont do any harm on race day as your body needs more of everything anyway.

    If you have the same problem when training...try it out. If you dont, Id assume its over hydrating or nerves.
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