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Ironman 08 - Location

Ladies and Gents,

First season of doing Olympic Tri this season, just finished Chester (2hrs 30mins), Wakefield in 2 weeks and then Bala. Doing this with a view to finishing an Ironnman next year and wondered what peoples thoughts on location were:

Sherbourne - if I only do once I fancy doing it abroad

Nice - find the heat really tough

Austria - still quite tough.

As I say will probably only do 1 and then go back to Olympic so looking for moderate weather, good scenery and reasonable challenge - thoughts?

Also - how does training for ironman effect Olympic times? & bearing in mind my Olympic time how long should I give myself for a focussed Ironman training programme.

Thoughts appreciated..........


  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Hi Mozza,

    What about Lanzarote, if u only ever do one, then make it a good one.

  • smudgersmudger Posts: 48

    hi mozza

    good time for chester i was entered but got injured 4 days before, hoping to do IM next year, not sure which one yet, austria, lanzarote,

  • I have only done one myself. Did New Zealand in march. I helped as a volenteer in 03 & 05 too.

    If your doing it as a holiday too then I couldnt recommend anywhere better, great country, people and weather. I am lucky and have friends in Taupo itself so have no worries about where to stay or support. The local community get right behind the event too and many family's host foriegn entrents plus some of the local company's sponsor too. Fresh water lake swim, a great bike course and a pretty much flat run.

    Entry's open Monday 2nd July 9:00 am NZ time.


    Can you guess where I am racing March the 1st next year.

  • mozzamozza Posts: 5
    Thanks all for your suggestions; NZ would be fantastic but the family quite keen to come so can't really ask them to go that far (although no doubt fantastic!) and Lanzarote will be too hot (guaranteed not to finish).

    I think I am starting to settle on Austria because of access, scenery and weather?!
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    I too hope to do my first Ironman next year and swithering between Austria and Switzerland at the moment. Just dont want anything extreme for my first attempt.
  • cmonvatucmonvatu Posts: 5
    hi mozza....my first ironman was at Klagenfurt in 2004 to celebrate

    my 50th birthday. Its a great event and very well organised.

    I did it with my wife ( same age...) and enjoyed it so much we returned

    in 2005 and did it again. I can go on at great length as to why its a great

    first Ironman.....so if want lots of my impressions please let me know.

    The wife and I did Swiss Ironman two Sundays ago...not great for us.

    She was knocked off her bike by a crazy guy in an Audi after 160km

    of the bike...she's not a happy camper at the moment.

    Lots of reasons why we did'nt enjoy the event but mainly the traffic

    Even the friendly car drivers were a pain.

    We enjoyed the Swiss experiance and enjoyed many aspects of the

    event....but overall not like Austria.

    We intened going back to Austria.


  • IronJohnIronJohn Posts: 58
    Mozza, do Austria do Austria do Austria do Austria do Austria. The location, the crowds, the climate and the course make it fantastic.

  • GallantryGallantry Posts: 38
    Hiya! A friend of mine did Austria and it sounded just brilliant. Both the route and the support you get on it, apparently nothing like it. So if you want to do your first one somewhere not in the UK then from what I've been told this is a really really enjoyable one to do. GO FOR IT!!
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    I really hope you guys managed to get into Austria - It was sold out faster than a Robbie Williams concert!

    Any luck?
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    ardkeen wrote:

    Hi Mozza,

    What about Lanzarote, if u only ever do one, then make it a good one.

    Must agree![:)]

    Austria fills up within 19 hours this year, Lanzarote fails to fill up in 12 months.
  • mozzamozza Posts: 5
    thanks all for the advice - yes I did get into Austria so looking forward to plenty of training but mainly to being able to eat for days after!

    Hopefully see a few of you out there
  • Hi

    I'm doing Lanzarote 08. Like you mozza, my first season this year. London will be my third Olympic and also doing the vitruvian in September as way of a longer taster.

    Have recently read 'Going Long' and currently reading 'Get Iron Fit'. Just can;t get enough ironman info at mo. Think I'm getting obessed!!

    I intend to follow the intermediate training program in Get Iron Fit, which doesn't seem too daunting. It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who has followed that.

    When do you start training for Austria?, Because of a May ironman I have to do majority of my training through the winter. Still the wind will be good prep for Lanza!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Mozza I did it the other way round - I did an ironman and then decided to do olympic distance tri's. IM training tends to build you for longevity and not speed, I was a regular sub 40 min 10 k'er but now I'm happy with a sub 48, I suppose it's like comparing a clubman doing a 10 k or a marathon! Anyway IM advice GET YOUR NUTRITION RIGHT!
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