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Snugg wetsuits

toadtoad Posts: 104
Hi everyone , next week i am testing out a Snugg wetsuit on an openwater swim . I know choosing a wetsuit you like is really a matter of what suits you personally .... however I would be interested if there are any comments you have on this brand .... particularly on its longevity

The snugg wetsuit i am looking at costs £170 .. and can be custom fit for no extra cost.

I have only been doing triathlon for the last 9 months and am currently using a rather thick dive suit to do openwater swims in . Currently it takes me 33 minutes to do a mile swim , so not really at the stage where I would consider forking alot of money out for a top of the range suit.

Any of your comments would be appreciated


  • JulieMacJulieMac Posts: 30
    I've got a snugg lite. The only other suit I've used is a winter surf one so I may not be best placed to comment on different makes.

    I get on really well with the snugg I've had it just over 2 years and swim a lot of O.W. in it. At least twice a week although last year it got even more use. I've had no probs with its durability so far but its very well looked after. Infact I probably take more care of the wet suit than I do my own skin!

    I think in past 220 trials snuggs have allways done quite well as the affordable entry level suits you could probably spend a lot more to no great advantage. You'll definitely notice the difference and its a very valuable pice of kit if your doing quite a few O.W. races
  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    Thanks Julie , your comments are greatly appreciated
  • I have a snugg lite too. I got a deal on it as it was a demo from a photo shoot for 220, I was looking for an intro suit at the time and popped in to see them in Newquay while I was in Cornwall last year.

    I havent used it since March when I did Ironman New Zealand but as a first suit it worked well for me (done about 10K's total). I had no issues at all and dont feel the need just yet to upgrade for my swim ability, I did 1:21:00 for the 3.8 K's on the big day.
  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    Thanks for that , and congrats on completing the New Zealand iron man challenge .... As an expat Kiwi Im quite familiar with taupo and the course .... looks tough

    Well done

  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    I have just completed a 1500 mtr swim in my new snugg stealth , there was a huge difference comparative to my dive suit .... It took 4 minutes of my usual time.

    Message to all rookie OW swimmers ... tri specific wetsuits are definitely worth it .
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Out of curiousitytoad what was your normal time? Im new to OW to and have found a stretch of beach thats 2.5k round trip. Not sure how I should compare it to pool swim, ie no turns or lines to follow and sometimes a bit choppy, but great all the same.
  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    In the dive suit I was completing 1500 mtrs OW in 33-34 minutes , it was always behind the pack .... I have been doing the same course for the last 4-6 weeks , we do mass starts to simulate triathlon conditions .... as soon as i was in the water with the new snugg wet suit I felt the difference immediately .... arms suddenly felt like there was no resistance at all , my average and max heart rates were alot lower and I managed to do the swim in 30 mins flat .... Probably could have gone harder so next week willl be trying to beat that time .

    The OW swim I am doing is in a lake so we have no currents to contend with ... maybe a different story if you are in the sea .... also I would expect you would have even more buoyancy .... but also more chop so they probably cancel out each other.
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