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hills to train on in essex

toadtoad Posts: 104
I am looking for some hills to train ( run and cycle) on in essex, problem is essex is pretty flat. Do any of the essex contingent of 220 forum know the where abouts of some decent hills.

Have found one that leads into little baddow, and also on the road from sandon to danbury,

Dont mind cycling out to find them, so anywhere in essex is cool


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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    That is the 'hill' in essex [:)] [:D], If I remember there are several roads up it ...... The roads from Maldon out to Latchingdon then on to Burham / Bradwell are rolling , not the 'hills' I am now used to in NY Moors / Northumberland.

    North Essex is pretty flat, Epping / Harlow way you may find some bumps.... 12 years since I lived down there !!!
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    I'm in Harlow and have several routes out to the east of the town. There's a couple of small hills out between Matching Tye & Hatfield Heath but you've got to put them into context.

    Anyone living north of Watford would roll around laughing at my descrption of them as 'hills'.

    Chigwell sits at the bottom of a hill and my route to work includes a hillclimb up towards Fullwell Cross but it's a fairly busy road and not one I'd drive to visit.

    Maybe we'll have to sneak out one night and create an Essex Alp[8D]
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    transittransit Posts: 163
    If you go from South Benfleet down towards Canvey Island there is a big hill. When I say big I mean maybe half a mile and steep, nothing compared to the pennines where I now live! - a bit of a trek from you,.
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    PatchPatch Posts: 11
    I also use NORTH HILL, which I do find challenging!!!! Otherwise there are a couple of loops around the Danbury area which take in a couple of 'hills'. I've put a couple of routes on MAP MY RUN.com
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    toadtoad Posts: 104
    Thanks for all the replies, like the idea of building an essex alp harlow yellow, where do we put it ..... basildon maybe.

    Will have a look on map my run for your routes patch

    once again thank you all for your input



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    KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    I have a route from Loughton out to Braintree and back via Ongar and Fyfield that I thought was hilly'ish until Wimbleball a couple of weeks ago. Can't replicate Wimbleball in Essex anywhere so I'm now going to change the way I approach my hill training. Previosuly I'd just spin them comfortably seated and whilst that got me up them OK it didn't build up massive climbing stength. I'm now going to try and attack them more in a tougher gear with more out of saddle time, maybe also carry a old drink bottle of nuts & bolts for extra weight. After Wimbleball I certainly not afraid of any hills my training my encounter !!
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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    I live along the burnham road just outside latchingdon and there are a couple of steep short climbs in and around steeple.

    check out cycle-planner.com

    its good for new routes you can click on essex and theres a few there!!!
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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Patch - I assume you mean North Hill in Maldon from Heybridge - I discounted that one as it is into the middle of Town..... I will agree it is 'challenging' for Essex.

    If you are going to 'build' an Alp in Essex hmmmm....... A short range of hills covering Southend -> M25 (along the A127 corridor would be nice) [;)] - not my favourite part of Essex
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    popeyepopeye Posts: 6

    There are some "hills" around Maldon. The Maldon bypass is about 2 miles long, Market hill (in the town) is steep but short (one can sprint up it without changin gear!).

    Other examples:

    Braxted park - coming from Kelvedon towards Tiptree

    Wickham Bishops - Witham to Wickham Bishops (near Benton Hall GC)

    Tolleshunt D'Arcy - travelling from Mersey into the village

    Although not proper hills hope you enjoy!
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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    I like the maldon bypass one!

    usually do about 12-14 mph along there whilst staying aerobic,

    but I like giving it some along there especially after 80+miles of riding, I can keep it around 21 MPH
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