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Getting tri team kit made

Does anyone have any good suggestions for suppliers of bespoke tri team kit? Alternatively buying the kit and then having in printed.

Basically anyone who has gone through this process I would be grateful of your expereince.


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    Richie Stannard has a site called Namesonkit.com. Haven't used it yet but it looks like he'll take care of getting kit printed out.....
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    bonkerbonker Posts: 13
    I can't make that name work as an address
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    sorry.....that should read www.nameonkit.com

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    the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    [;)]hi there bonker.. if you have any info on team kit suppliers could you let me know.. i cant seem to get anyone to do small orders they only seem to deal with 50+ orders im sure there must be someone out there who could supply orders for smaller clubs without charging the earth for such orders....the belly
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    bonkerbonker Posts: 13
    Dear Mr Belly,

    I am looking into it now and will post my success or otherwise.
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    HonksHonks Posts: 4

    We (Manx Tri Club) had our kit made by Louis Garneau and I don't think we have 50 members!

    The kit was reasonably priced although the consensus from the team was that the legs were a bit short - LG wouldn't entertain lengthening them either.

    They do send a full range of sizes to try on before ordering so it removes that lottery.

    Although our kit looks great, most of the credit for that must go to a lad in the club who designed it.

    As an aside, I have had two of my suits named by Richard Stannard and found it to be a) reasonable b) great quality, and c) super quick!

    Would definitely recommend Richard, 1st class service and great comms too

    Best of luck
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