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twisted ankle

I keep going over my left ankle. Nothing too serious ( not a hospital job) but it flippin' well hurts when I do it and it interrupts my training.

I've stopped playing football and on runs I try and be careful. This weekend I went over it running for a rugby ball while playing with the kids in the (muddy) park.

I used to use a tennis ankle brace but that seems a bit OTT when its feeling fine.

Are there any exercises, techniques or whatever anyone can suggest?


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    I sprained my ankle in August and ever since then I have gone over on it almost every time I run. Physio (who I was seeing for other problems) told me to use a wobble board at the gym to strengthen my ankle. If you haven't got accesss to a wobble board then try standing on one leg with your eyes shut and your arms out to the side and hold for as long as you can. I was able to hold for about 20 sec on my good foot, but only about 5 secs on my bad foot, demonstrating how much weaker my bad ankle was. I did this every morning and now don't stumble as much as I used to.

    The ligaments that are damaged during twisting an ankle take a long time to heal so expect problems for a few months, although they shouldn't be so bad that you cannot run. I was also adviced to only run on roads and flat surfaces for a while to give it a chance to heal.
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