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Zinc Oxide tape and blisters

I have always had a problem with blisters but think I have found the answer; Zinc Oxide tape, but I need some pointers as where to buy the good stuff.

I bought some Boots own brand Zinc Plaster tape which almost worked. Whacked the tape on and bodyglide over the top. It did work but only just.

With the Boots' brand and managed a 20km run with hardly a blister but the tape was coming off by the end. The glue was melting. This was a cold day this weekend and I need something for IM 70.3 in Florida in May. I think my blister problem stems from me having hot sweaty feet so I need something a bit stickier.

I want something that will stay on through an IM event so has got to be better than the Boots stuff I bought.

That or advice on quantity,type of tape or style of the way it is used.


  • toadtoad Posts: 104
    you can buy an adhesive spray ..... leukospray is the best, it makes the skin extra sticky before you apply the tape....make sure you check the can when you buy it, it should read spray adhesive , not spray remover, for some reason they package it the same.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Have you tried Compeed patches? They are expensive but seem to work very well.

    They are basically a highly adhesive silicone patch, which is very slippery and is also feathered at the edges to be extremely thin.

    Your shoe or sock material will slide over the top of them. They just don't come off (if you put them on properly) and you'll be wearing it for a week before it finally decides to fall off.

    You can put them on in problem areas before you set off, but you can also stick them over nasty fresh blisters and they'll stabilise the area so you wouldn't even know there was a problem.

    You can get them in most town chemists.
  • One tip is do not just cut the tape square across , cut rounded ends , This stops the corners getting pulled up . Also hydro-colloid dressings like compeed are excellent.

    Many moons back I had the privilege to work for a few weeks in the Royal Marines sick bay . Every morning seemed to be patching up blisters from basic training. I got through rolls of zinc oxide and sheets of compeed.

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I have a problem with blisters too, what i do is use a spray plaster (boght it in boots) and build layers up over the preceeding day or two, then use a 'normal' tape bought in the running shop (i've never tried zinc oxide tape), then i put some vaseline over the top, since then i haven't had a single blister - except when an ankle support pulled the edges up and it foloded over causing a blister. Other than that, it hasn't ever been a problem. The spray plaster adds extra stick and a layer of protection underneath the tape too. It seems to work really well for me - longest distance tried was a 15mile training run, and i wore for a half marathon last week, everything was good.[;)]

    What makes Zinc Oxide special?
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