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Bike Tyres

DTDT Posts: 3
I currently have Bontrager Race Lite tyres on my Trek Madone but feel that its time to change them.

Any recomendations - its my race bike?


  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Lots of personal preference surrounds tyres, but my tyre of choice for my race wheels are Schwalbe Ultremo, they're light, 195g or thereabouts, got good puncture resistance (somthing to definately bare in mind) and they handle superbly in the wet and offer up reasonable mileage. They come in tubs and clincher and will set you back about £35 a pair. Oh and apart from that they look the dogs danglies when on your bike.......................[;)][;)][;)]
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Bike tyres... The part of the bike that is in contact with the road it is essential that you get the tyre choice correct. They need to be reliable, light, fast yet safe. I only ever use 3 brands Veloflex (on my uberlight Dolomites bikes), Vittoria (open corsa cx evo on my tri bike ) and Maxxis (on my fast mountain bike). Having stated all that there are other guys who swear by Continental and Michelin. Basically do not buy on price point and be aware that lightness may mean susceptability to punctures. Go Veloflex or Vittoria, no for a tri bike go for the Vittorias!
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