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Huddersfield Triathlon

I have been training for triathlon for about 1 year now and have untill recently been training with Manchester tri club. However I've now moved to Huddersfield and am looking for a club to train with in the area but am unable to find much info on any around. Can anyone offer any info?


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi I would have thought you would have got a reply by now,so try www.holmfirthharriers.com it is a running club with a tri section best of luck.
  • JudeJude Posts: 11
    If you look on the British Triathlon Union website they list all the registered clubs.

    If you're on the NW side of Hudds there is a club in Halifax.

    Contact Roger by e-mail on [[email protected]][email protected][/email] for info
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