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1st triathlon - assistance needed


I'm competing in my 1st triathlon in 6 weeks time. 2 of the 3 disciplines are gym based, the swim is in the pool (500m) and the bike (10km on a profile) is on a static bike, the run (2 miles) is outdoors.

I'm not a great swimmer (hadn't been in a pool for 20 years until 8 weeks ago, and then not confident at all!) and so would llike to ensure that the time I lose on the swim (which could be quite a few minutes) is made up wherever I can... namely on the other two disciplines and the transitions. As I'll be biking in my runners the only real transition will be from the pool to the bike, and here is where advice would be greatly appreciated...

What kit should I wear to compete in this triathlon? I was thinking of purchasing the Orca basics shorts and top (http://www.trisports.co.uk/#977X0), wearing the shorts for the swim and then placing the top on once out of the pool. What do you guys think?? I wouldn't feel comfortable going for an all in one due to the nature of the event (it's not a major race just a local gym thing, and I don't fancy being the only one running out in the streets of Huddersfield wearing it). Will the shorts dry out after the swim? Is there a better (equally quicker) solution?

Thanks everyone for any help/advice you can give.



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    hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Hi lutz123, If you are planning to do some other tri's after this one (which Im sure you will) I'd really go for a tri suit now. Itd be false economy to buy shorts etc only to find you want a suit for the next one. Then again you might want to stick withatwo peice anyway.

    As for running around the streets of Huddersfield in a tri suit- I cant see that being aproblem as they are very comfortable, look good and depending on which one you buy, can actually look like you have a top and shorts on! Not to mention the time it will save you fighting to put a tee shirt on whilst still wet from the pool.

    Good luck and enjoy.

    ps They are also good for duathlons.
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    Hi Lutz,

    I have been doing something along those line for my race simulation training, and can thoroughly recommend using a tri-suit. The first time i did it i used trunks and just pulled on running shorts/top over them to finish, but it wasn't comfortable, and took too much time. Since using the tri-suit (£10 from ALDI, bargain) i found it quicker and easier as well as more comfortable. Guess it's just tools for the job and all that.

    It is also worth checking the rules, as some indoor comps actually time the swim then add an amount on for a transition then time the bike/run so that there are no delays in the swim to bike. This means people can dry off and change and their gym equipment doesn't get ruined.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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    rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    I agree with hound dog and Tempest. You don't want to be messing with pulling on a top after the swim. It will take ages, get you all tangled up and frustrated (hard enough to do with dry back and shoulders, nearly impossible when wet). I seriously doubt you will care what you look like after exerting yourself and sweating it out in the first 2 discipplines.
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    I felt the tri-suit look was a little too 'focused' for my general peddling/plodding - and leaves no options for training conditions - that is to say if i'm going to do a bike/run session and it's windy/chilly then I'll wear the tri shorts and cycle top...then change into running t-shirt/long sleeve (the transition time doesn't matter that much in training)...

    ..for swim/bike or swim/run I've bought a separate tri top - as everybody here is correct (i can say from experience) when they say it is a bad idea to put a dry top on after the swim....the horror of those wasted seconds slipping away as you struggle to put a top on is a ghastly feeling...

    ...but I found the one piece didn't quite fit as well as a two piece (long back for height).

    ...as to how you look - well - if anybody is in a car, walking in a group, on the phone, smoking, walking a large or small dog (on a ridiculously long extending lead), with kids, is a kid, was a kid, is in a suit, is under the age of 21, is over 40, is sedentary, is a team sports player....they will not see you whatever you do...if they do see you then you will be viewed as a 'wierdo' and it will be assumed that you will get out of their way and you are not completely knackered or tired or unable to side step / body swerve like an international rugby player...

    ....or is it just me perhaps?... [;)]

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