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ironma 70.3 2008 entry

has anyone entered for ironman 70.3 at wimbleball?

cos I entered soon as they were taking entries and I havent recieved a confirmation e-mail or anything?!?!



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    Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    I entered on the first day of entries and got a simple email saying my entry had been recieved and I could check on the website to see if I had been accepted. They did say this could take about a month due to IMUK being mid month.

    It may be worth checking your credit card account to see if the payment has been taken out?

    Regards, Rich
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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    I didn't get an e-mail of any sort and the money still hasn't come out of my account!

    I just wait then, yea your right with IMUK next weekend they prob got alot on there minds[;)]

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