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colds- to train, or not to train?

I train with a heart rate moniter, so should every one!!

and when getting ready to go out for run/bike i put it on for about 5 minutes before i start my session and it usually sits about 55bpm whist walking about getting ready.

but today I have a bit of a cold, don't feel like crap, but have runny nose soar throat etc...

and my heart rate was at 75bpm!!! alot higher than usual!

I thought I would start my session which was gunna be a 2 hour run in zone 1 125-137bpm! and I could not keep my heart rate below 140 without walking !!!! so I called it a day after 25mins!!

Just thought I would share that with ya[;)]


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    when i caught my cold last week i didnt have the energy to push my heart rate up high enough. That was my sign that ilness was on its way. cycling is my only mode of transport so i just try to survive when ill/exercising.
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    Colds must be catching on this forum, i've got one now too! very irritating as i was just getting started on mt mase training for ironman uk. still gonna keep at it though as the training is actually a little more relaxed than my usual regime (lower heart rate at least). hopefully it wont last too long- i havent had a cold for the last 2 years
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    RH912RH912 Posts: 11
    I recently had a cold too,

    I followed some advice from various people on here, and then my doctor's afterwards.

    I think it is best not to train for 4/5 days and let your body fully recover. You will be surprised by how little fitness you will loose.
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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Had a chest infection recently (not man flu as my darling wife called it!!) for 10 days, was coughing up blood, very very nasty!! Havnt trained for 2 weeks now, dont see the point really as training would only make me feel crap and I want to feel better. I'd say wait until your symptoms have gone and then introduce some light training and take it from there. If you push your body too hard after or during an illness it can set you back weeks. Plus I've heard of athletes doing long term damge to themselves just through training through a common cold.[:'(][:'(]
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I know of a bloke with a pace-maker who says it is most likely he damaged his heart by training through a nasty virus.
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    whoops, best i stop training then! my cold has actually gotten worse (not from training as i've been on a couple of recovery days anyways) so i'm gonna quit training for a few days. hate it, i feel so lazy[:(]
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