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a day at the races

Has every one signed up to all your races for 2008 yet?

I have they're all listed below as my sig. [:D]


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    timftimf Posts: 15
    Well, I'm breaking my Tri virginity doing the London Oly distance this summer and only having one looks a bit weedy!

    If I feel strong enough and decide to try a few sprints as warm ups I might feel secure enough to advertise what I am about to do very slowly! [;)]
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    Hi ya, got a couple booked for my first season of Tri;

    Starting with Dorchester sprint

    Weymouth sprint (open water)

    London olympic 35-39

    Weymouth olympic.

    These should see me through.................or finish me off!!![:-]
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    Couldn't put them in the sig, maybe I had too much detail...

    Anyway the complete list of events is :

    10th February - Dorney 5km

    9th March - Dorney Duathlon

    13th April - Dorney 10km

    27th April - SPW Sprint Tri (Hyde Park)

    17th May - Göteborg Half Marathon

    28th May - F3 Events Evening Series (1/4)

    7th June - Blenheim Sprint Tri

    25th June - F3 Events Evening Series (2/4)

    30th July - F3 Events Evening Series (3/4)

    9th / 10th August - London Olympic Tri

    27th August - F3 Events Evening Series (4/4)

    7th September - Gyro 10km

    21st September - Windsor Half Marathon

    5th October - London Half Marathon

    My main focus is the London as it will be my first Oly event, got the half marathons in as they seemed like a good idea, and I'm aiming to do a 70.3 next year....
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318

    Also put all of mine in my signature. Good luck with Ironman, I'm doing it for the first time this year!
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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    yea good luck to you too[:D] also my first go at the big one that is IRONMAN [:D] can't wait in a strange way!

    will also be my first marathon on that day too!

    i trained plenty of times for marathons but nether done one due to injuries so shouldn't be to bad[;)]
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