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I want to do two Ironman's next year, so I can have two attempts at qualifying for hawaii.

one will be Ironman UK

and the second I fancy doing switzerland!

But I don't know about accomodation, food and flight/travel!!

has anyone done IM switzerland ?


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I did it last year, I've also experienced Austria. I thought that the hotel situation is better in Zurich in that they are closer to the start point. I went with Nirvana Europe and stayed in a 2 or 3 star beach themed hotel which was quite close to the course. The food was ok and it was full of athletes. Itwas about a 15 -20 minute walk from the course but this was actually quite good on the way too the start as the walk was quite theraputic , although it was hell on the return journey. The cycle is good althoughquite a bit of it is through suburbs. Travelwise I flew into Zurich airport and got the Nirvana bus to the hotel. In retrospect it would have been much cheaper to do it independantly as there are guest houses right at the start and I think the IM organisers can arrange transport to your billet. It is a very well orgnised event but they all are. The swim is 2 laps of a triangle -wear heavily tinted goggles as you swim into the rising sun and it is very bright. The cycle is flat and fast in the suburbs and then gets hilly in the countryside, with one big climb, heartbreakhill was not a problem. The run is more or less through a paths that seem to go right into the city and it is flat but uninspiring. The support and spectators are great because it is city based. All the best with it.
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