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Shin splints??

I done a half marathon 16th march, and after I didint do a cool down jog and little streching.

As a result my left shin felt stiff, I dont think it was shin splints but then the following weekend I had a duathlon and the first KM of the run my shin felt a little stiff but went away after a while.

I trained a couple of days after that and after my run session it felt like shin splint in only my left shin, luckily I had a week hoilday, and it went away!

but now I had a duathlon sunday (or half a duathlon, thats another story[&:]) and I didn't have a chance to cool down, I streched but when my muscles had already cooled down and become a little tight!

the following day I went for a slow run of 20mins hoping to loosen them up and strech well but now the shin splint is back in my left shin!?!?!?!?

any advice[:(]


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    krazycalkrazycal Posts: 45
    apparently the only cure for shin splints is rest, i know thats not what you want to hear. Maybe spend a long time with ice on the area? I have the same problems and cant find a cure

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    MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    I don't think shin splints are caused by a lack of warm-down after exercise; they are generally caused by overuse. If it is happening when you don't warm-down properly I would think it is more likely to be something else. Do you have a problem after your normal training? Have you increased your volume of training recently?
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    Absorbable Calcium tablets, they are huge but the shin-splints will go and not return for a long time. Take 2 a day for a couple of days, and you'll be right within the 48hrs!
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Would deep massage or compression leggings help to counteract shin splints & other post run ailments? Or just warm down stretch and let the body do its own thing?
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Shin splints is a coverall phrase that masks a variety of problems. It could be compartment syndrome, whee the muscle fascia is restricting the muscle itself..I believe massage, ice & elevation will help, it could be fatigue due to an increase in mileage or more incline running, scale back & rest/stretch/massage. It could be muscle imbalances, calf stronger than anterior tibialis or vice versa (unusual this way round), so strength & stretch work is called for.

    Always mobilise your ankle fully before a session..point toes, pull toes back to shin 10-20 times each, rotate clock & counter clockwise 10-20 times each..& good luck.
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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    OK, I'm not a doctor and thus can't not proclaim to have a cure, but one my of my pals at tri club reckons Ibuprofen helps shin splints, his explanation being, shin splits are just inflammation of the muscle, and what does Ibuprofen do, that's right reduce inflammation. He says take the recommended dose until resolved.

    Have not tried it myself, I just got some trainers professionally fitted and that worked for me. However I can't see what harm it will do?
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I agree with Britspin and grant.smith, best advice is stretching of the anterio-lateral compartment muscles in the leg, rest and anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen) if it starts to hurt, although don't overdo it on the ibuprofen as there are other side effects such as stomach ulcers.

    So do some yoga, it will help your swimming as well, a really good stretch for both your shin splints and swimming is ankle flexibility exercises such as childs pose. or sitting back on your ankles.

    good luck with it.
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