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IM South Africa

Has anyone done Ironman south africa?

or does any one know of any cheap flights/hotels in port elizabeth!??!


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    Hi Scott.

    I've not done the SA IM, however I am South African.

    My recommendation would be to fly Emirates into JNB (Jo'burg) and on to PE (Emirates have some good fare offers at the moment). Alternatively Virgin do direct flights to CT and PE is a short flight/very nice scenic drive.

    One other thing is don't stay in PE (It would just be my preference, there's nothing wrong with it) - Unless you're just there to compete. Choose somewhere between PE and Grahamstown. You'll find some serious luxury out that way in terms of Game Lodges and B&B's and it's slightly inland and not at Sea Level. check out http://www.portfoliocollection.com/ as a good referece for accomodation.

    If you have the option, spend a week or 2 at altitude for some better training. Maybe the Drakensburg in Kwa-Zulu Natal or perhaps somewhere on the "Midlands Meander" (Also Kwa-Zulu Natal) (Midmar dam for swim training, some great roads too.)

    Good luck
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    feesfees Posts: 28
    I have just done my 4th IMSA. Apparently according to some Americans I spoke to after the race it is very highly rated as Ironman races go, they had done 15 ironman races. As for accommodation, check around cos there are loads of options available. One of the sites is wheretostay.co.za .PE is only a 1hr45 flight from Joburg which is at altitude. I live in Joburg and normally fly down on the Friday morning. For the race weekend I have stayed at City Lodge all 4 years now which is right at the registration area and very close to the start finish. It is also on the bike leg and on the run lap. Check out citylodge.co.za. Public transport is not great so you don't want to be to far from the action.

    Let me know if you need any other info...
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