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Bike trouble

Worn bearings, perhaps? I had some wear in the hub-side bearing faces in my rear wheel, which manifested as random clicking noises. When I got a loud one it would resonate a few of the spokes as well, to make an annoying 'ding' noise.

My front wheel has just started doing it. [:(]

Wear and tear, I guess.


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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    There is a clicking noise coming from either the front wheel, the chainset or possibly the rear wheel/cassette.

    (LOL not very specific)

    It doesn't seem to be when I pedal, when free rolling down a hill I can hear it! could it be a loose spoke????

    please help[&:]
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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    Thought it might be bearings[&:]

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    FastWestieFastWestie Posts: 26
    i was driven mad by a clicking sounf on my commuting bike (Shimano r500 wheels), turned out to be the spokes not steated properly. A quick squeeze of the spoke pairs fixed it
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