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IM Lanzarote

Well done to every one who finninshed IM Lanzarote the other weekend!

I'm a bit confused as to where the start is??

I'm doing it next year and have booked a hotel, at peurto del carmen near the beach of the start!

but why is regerstration at club la santa on the other side of the island????

Where did every one else stay? near the start and get hire car or taxi to club la santa or stay at club la santa and get coach down to start?



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    I had the same questions this time last year.

    I completed the event this year (12:13) and stayed in P Del C. I hired a car for a few days and drove to La Santa for the registration and then again for the race briefing.I also drove the route which was enlightening if not a little scarey!!

    i didn't bother with the pasta party or the after race award dinner (mainly because the dinner was competitors only)

    I would def recommend staying in P Del C as for one you can walk to the race start, as well as swimming the course you can also run the route.

    i went out with my family and it worked out well as the wife and kids watched the swim, went back to appartment and did own thing for 6 hrs before getting back for bike finish and run start then went back for tea before returning to watch my last run lap.

    Hope this helps, colin
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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    Yeah I was reading on the events forum, well done!

    I bet your gagging to do IMUK :)

    ok all booked! I staying at P Del C!

    Thanks colin, I will hire car and do EXCACTLY, what you just said!! I can't wait!!!

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