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New Domain Only $1/Yr - Over 80 domain extensions in low prices

New Domain Only $1/Yr - Over 80 domain extensions in low prices

Todaynic.com,Inc. is the best domain name registrar in China. We are one of both ICANN and

CNNIC-Accredited in China, HKIRC&HKDNR Silver Prize winner. Founded in 2000, with a high

professional experience in domain name registration, web hosting, and Email service, now

offers you a low registration fee, value-added services, and over 80 domain extensions.




- low registration fee. (.com $6.6/yr)

- over 80 domain extensions. (.mobi/.travel/.cn/.hk/.cc/.us/.sh/.tm/.biz)

- Chinese IND Registration.

- highly customized control panel.

- Free DNS management.

- Free Visual Domain Name System.

- Subdomain and Forwarding.

- Private Registrations.

- Free Transfers

- Special Bulk Pricing.

- And More.

Find more features we provide, pls login:


Some lowest prices:

.CN $5.3 (first year: $0.13)

.HK $23.29 (first year: $11.77)

.COM $6.6

.INFO $7.24

.NAME $8.15

.WS $13.32

.SH/WS/AC/IO $58.21

.TW $28.46

.TV $38.29

.US $15.52

.CC $33.38

.TM $148.77

.MOBI $14.62

.TRAVEL $167.66


Any Problem, Please contact us directly.

Global Free Online Phone Call.


Start your business now!!!

Todaynic.com, Inc.


Msn: [email=info@todaynic.com]info@todaynic.com[/email] / [email=helios@todaynic.com]helios@todaynic.com[/email]

Email: [email=sharon@now.net.cn]sharon@now.net.cn[/email] / [email=helios@todaynic.com]helios@todaynic.com[/email]

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