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compartment syndrome

Has any one had the compartment syndrome test and if so did they then go on to have an op? After 6 wks physio and new orthotics I can't run for more than 20 mins max before I am in considerable pain in my left calf so my Doctor is sending me for a test. Any info would be appreciated. I am desperate to get this cured! [:o]



  • rob4rob4 Posts: 13
    Mate, my sincere condolences, I had the same thing and was not a happy man.

    I had chronic anterior compartment syndrome diagnosed at Pure Sports Medicine in London. The problem was the outside of the front of the left shin. I used to run regularly, including doing FLM, but after 18 months of no running and just mad amounts of cycling, found I couldn't run more than 10 mins without my foot flapping around like a paddle. Total nightmare. My Iron dreams were in tatters!

    Anyway, I had orthotics made, got new trainers and began physio at Pure Sports Medicine, as well as massaging the compartment myself every evening with a wooden ball type massage thing from the Body Shop. Gradually, after about six weeks, I began to start running and built it up a few mins a day from 10 mins at first. I was sh****** myself everytime I increased the time but slowly I managed to build it up to about 25 mins. I always ran first thing in the morning before the wretched compartment had any chance to swell up!

    Now, about 14 months later, I am running about 90 mins a week including a transition run after four hours on the bike. On one occasion it felt like it was coming on again in a transition run but I've kept up the self-massage in the hope of keeping it at bay.

    I may be dreaming but I'm hoping to do IM at Sherborne this Sept so am really hoping it's not compartment that does for me in the end.

    Good luck. I was all ready to do the pressure test but held off because of the cost and so far, touch wood, so good. Hope it comes good for you!

  • combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    Sorry to hear of your pain, I had bilateral anterior and lateral compartment syndrome last year. It was picked up by a physio and I went and saw one of the few surgeons who do decompression surgery who susequently operated on it.

    I would highly recommend seeing someone who has extensive experience of diagnosing and treatiing this syndrome before you commit to surgery. I say this as it is not the most pleasant experience. If you need the name of the surgeon I saw PM me and I can supply it, he treats all the military cases in the south of the UK and he is very good.

    One final point is that anyone diagnosing this does not need to use intramuscular pressure assessment if they know what they are doing so I would advise you find out what tests they plan first.

    Hope this helps

  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    sorry to hear about your troubles, i had a scare earlier this year, pain was so bad after only 10 mins or so. Saw a sports physio who worked quite hard and hurt me a lot but put it down to a deep tear and "knotted" muscle. plenty stretching and warming up seems to have helped but it still tightens up after 30mins or so...seems i have dropped back to base training early this year with lots of slow low intensity (boring) stuff.

    Good luck with yours.

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