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Garmin Heart Rate Strap


has anyone else swam with the heart rate strap on from a Garmin Forerunner 305? I have a race tonight and want to mount my FR on my bike. ideally i would be able to collect HR data as well as speed distance etc but i don't want to half undress in T1 just to put a chest strap on under my trisuit. any ideas?


  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I have, just put it under my tri suit as normal, then wet suit over the top... setup the garmin so it's ready to go in transition and then start the race...

    In T1 it just picks up the HR fine.

    Still like the idea of swimming with the forerunner though, just not brave enough to try with what is an expensive bit of kit

    Good luck for your race tonight
  • El DubyaEl Dubya Posts: 11
    Great Stuff, Thanks.

    I swam with a basic Heart Rate Monitor at London last year and knackered it so, like you, am a bit nervous about ruining a more expensive one.

    Good Luck to you tonight too.
  • nickjaywnickjayw Posts: 33
    I also swam with mine during this year's Cow Man and it worked fine once I arrived into T1. It seems to work better than my Polar which was a surprise initially.
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