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London Results

Has anyone else had trouble with their results from London? I don't appear on the list of finishers and i never recieved the promised text of results. what is spooky is that my mate who did it with me (although he beat me by about 10 mins) doesn't apear either. i emailed them on Tuesday and have had nothing in reply as yet. i've been trying to be patient with the process as i know they have a massive list of results to sort out but i'm starting to get frustrated now. it doesn't look like they have DQ'd or DNF'd me as there are listings for that at the very end of the results page. My brother rang me up as i hadn't spoken to him since and said he was worried because he couldn't find me on the results page. And i'm not on the finish line video. and the photos aren't uploaded yet. I'm pretty sure i did it on Sunday. I do know that i was aching on Monday. tell me i'm not dreaming.


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    dsk699dsk699 Posts: 20
    I have had exactly the same issue. My name nor race number has appeared on the results list. My exact splits and finishing times seem to have been designated to whoever was wearing the race number one down from me- I am waiting for the photos to be put up to see whats what. I also e-mailed them but no reply.

    Will wait to see what happens

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    semerysemery Posts: 27

    I did the male sprint on Saturday at 1130. I had a text that afternoon and also went online that night to get my splits. I did have to persist with loading the web page. Try hitting fresh again until the results come up.

    The photos for Saturday are now up. Sunday’s are still being loaded but will be up for the weekend. £50! For a cd?!!! Also to let you know this weekend in the INDEPENDENT newspaper there is a Sports Supplement dedicated to London Tri. It promises to have all the results of competitors listed.

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    Hi guys,

    I did the sprint on satruday, was first etiem doign london, and for a tri of this magnitude (have done about 25 sprints/ 3/4 oly distance races). This is a BIG race!! You can't expect things to go great, it's just too difficult.

    I finished wiht a time of neatly 4 minutes faster than what they gave me 'officially', my personal time would have had me in 26th place, although there doesn't seem to eb a time matching my bike results anywhere in the list. ONe of the girls onmy tri- team got results switched wiht someone who finished the Oly an hour later. She was an age group top 3 finisher as well, so not impressed. Luckily for her, the camera at finish is proof in the pudding.

    As for you guys without times, does it really matter? Unless you were in contention for a medal (different story, get your prize!!) the only person who needs to kow that you finished and the time, is yourself right!!

    Keep on Tri ing guys!!
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I had my results texted, and was in the catagory I raced in, which was Mixed Olympic. However a friend of mine who was in the next heat, had his results published in Mens Open Olympic complete results. It may be worth checking in there, or results that sound similiar to yours.
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    El DubyaEl Dubya Posts: 11
    You're right to an extent Shamus, I know what time i crossed the line at the finish and it only really matters to me. I did beat my goal time for the race but i also had goals for the swim, bike and run individually. i smashed my bike time (partly due to the shortened course although my average speed was a fair bit higher than my target) and i had a disasterous run (funny that after an overly fast bike) but i am really interested to see my swim time. i found myself more affected than normal by the crowded swim and it was my first OW 1500m. what time am i going to beat next time if i don't get a split from this race? i'll search the other categories.
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