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Bike insurance - any experience?

When I had my £200 snotter of a bike it wasnt a problem but the idea of having a £2000 bike unprotected is causing me grief!

Does anyone bother insuring their bikes and if so who with? Any experiences good or bad?

Its always kept inside and when its not in the house it'll have my arse on it so I,m wondering if its even necessary.
Reason for the paranoia.....my security light PIR's were recently turned to face the wall.

I,m doing everything I can to avoid it happening as I'm not one of those who think "ahh its ok insurance will bail me out" but I've been through a similar thing before and lost everything.


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    I and a few others have alked this question a few times, and as recommended, found the M&S home insurance to be very good for things like bikes. Id check them out, found it much better than Cycleguard which I used to have. And with the difference, intend to get a BTF licence to cover an legal issues I might have with accidents while out training.
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