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Mens Running Shoes (on/off road)

I am going to enter my first adventure race in September so have been looking at shoes.

I like the idea of the Nike+ system combined with the iPod Nano, so a pair of Nike+ shoes would be ideal, although I have also seen that you can get a pouch for the transmitter so you can put it onto the laces of any shoe.

I have also been looking at shoes from Inov-8 as I have heard they are good.

So my questions are:

Are the Nike+ shoes any good for Adventure races (on and off-road running and biking)

Are there any other makes of shoe that I should also be looking at?



  • BenBen Posts: 11
    Asics imo
  • artikartik Posts: 26
    It is worth checking out running shoe specialist shops in your area who can put you on a treadmill and get the right shoes for your running style. This will help to avoid some of the problems when running.
  • TechboyTechboy Posts: 10
    I tried the shoe advisor on the Asics website but it said that there were no suitable shoes available! But I'll go into the shop and have a look - they certaintly look good from the website.

    I'll try to find a place with a treadmill. Can anyone recomend a good place in Milton Keynes?


  • BenBen Posts: 11
    not familiar with MK but also look at Brookes, new balance and saucony
  • in the snowdome there is a sweat shop (i think its called) and they can assess running styles etc.
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Paul, I would take a serious look at Salomon shoes, there is a good variety from basic off road shoes up to hard core adventure racing shoes.

  • TechboyTechboy Posts: 10
    Hehe, I knew there wouldn't be a simple answer - there is so much choice!

    I will go to the Sweatshop in the Xscape and talk to the staff there. I know they used to have a foot analysis thing where you step on a pad and it showed a lot of information on the screen and gave you a print-out, etc. but my friend went there last weekend and they don't have that anymore. They just watched him run in the shop floor (not on the treadmill - although their website says they have one, because that takes up too much space in the shop...). Anyway I'll go there and see what they say.

    I will look at all of the makes that have been suggested here.

    Thanks everyone for your help. Much appreciated :-)
  • TechboyTechboy Posts: 10
    Hmm, I just went to the Sweatshop and I was so disapointed...

    The member of staff I spoke to didn't inspire me with confidence. He didn't seem to know much about the shoes, the differences between them or adventure racing.

    He didn't ask me any questions about my feet or the way I run.

    They only had 1 shoe (of around 20 on display) in size 10. He said the new season stock will be in around October/November. Until then they won't have anything in size 10... It's only July now!!!

    They no longer stock the Nike+ t-shirt or shorts (due to a lack of demand, although he says that the Harrods store sells a lot of them).

    I wont be buying anything from there. [:o]

  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189

    you may be better off going to an outdoor shop for good advice on adventure shoes. Although I doubt they will do gait analysis, I am sure somone will know about adventure racing. Ellis Brigham are one of the best an have 2 stores in Xscape in MK. I've not been to them so don't know if they concentrate more on ski gear. However you could pick up a catalouge, they have a good selection of Salomon and The North Face kit.

    If you're willing to travel a little further a field, Up and Running in Watford is good. Their off road selection is limited but they do sell Inov-8 and you will get a decent gait analysis. I use the shop myself and have sent untold clients there and have only had good feedback. Hope that's of some help.

  • Hey there,

    I did some adventure racing last season and looked into this quite a bit. You want a shoe thats pretty sturdy, with a 3d chasis so it helps protect your ankle from being twisted as well as the rest of your foot, and on top you want t a shoe that is able to take away the water from your shoe when you go into bogs or puddles. The one i was recomennded by quite a few people was the Salomon XA PRO. Im not sure which model it was as there are new ones out now. But the shoe is amazingly comfortable, and reliable, and pretty much top of the range in its design. I did quite a few adventure races last year in them and they were great( the grip was awesome too for running down mountains). I dont think it was any cooicidence that in most of the events i entered all the pros wore Salomons...Ive even worn them a bit this year for doing road running they are that comfortable!! DOnt be fooled for Nike, or addidas or rubbish like that- Salomon are the mountain guys, and do it really well!


  • TechboyTechboy Posts: 10
    I see from the website that Ellis Brigham sell the Salomon range. I'll go to the Ellis Brigham shops in MK tonight to see if they stock them.

    I'm going to enter the Dark and White adventure race in the Peak District on 02/09/2007 which will involve biking and running.

    I haven't done an adventure race before and the website isn't very clear. It sounds like I might be switching between my bike and running a few times. When transferring from running to bikng (and visa versa), will there be the opportunity to change shoes (I have SPD pedels on my bike and therefore have cleates in my bike shoes). Or is it normal to just wear running shoes throught the whole event?

  • EWCEWC Posts: 6
    Ive just had a pair of Phobic lites from Berghaus and very impressed, excellent grip and very lite for an off road shoe. Watch the sizing with Salomon Ive had 2 pairs of Pros both UK9's the first fitted perfect the second were too tight.
  • TechboyTechboy Posts: 10
    Thanks I will check the sizing on the Salomon's. I am going to try some tonight - I see that Blacks in MK sell them (at least they are listed on their website - http://www.blacks.co.uk).

    I tried some Asic's yesterday at John Lewis. They felt good.

    Has anyone here tried biking in Salomon or Asic shoes?

  • Can't beat Salomon XA Pros - they are awesome!

    Extremely lightweight - mesh uppers so they dry out quickly and very comfortable and tough! [:)]
  • TechboyTechboy Posts: 10
    I went to Blacks in MK yesterday but they didn't have any relevant Salomon's on display (although they do show them on their website) :-(

    I've heard ARO sports are good (Redbourne) so I will try there this weekend. They should be able to measure my feet and advise. They don't sell Salomon, but they do sell Asic's.
  • Paul,

    I was sorry to read that you couldn't find Salomon shoes in MK. I live around myself as well and had trouble getting Salomon shoes but recently I found a site, I thought it might interest you. I got some shoes off from them and it's all good.

    I hope to see some better shops in and around MK soon though :)

  • TechboyTechboy Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info. In the end I went to ARO Sports in Harpenden.

    At first I got a pair of LaFuma Active Trial Pro shoes for off-road running and Adventure Races (I've done 4 now). Then I went back a few months later and they did a GAIT analysis on my feet (by filming my feet as I ran on a treadmill) and I bought a pair of Nike shoes for on-road running (and I've done a half-marathon in them).

    I'm very happy with both pairs of shoes :-) Plus i do actually find the Nike+ system (which links with my iPod Nano) pretty good for motivation.

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Cotswold outdoor stores have salomon shoes in...& Inov-8 if I recall properly.
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