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Wensleydale Tri 12th Aug Bike?


First time on here so go easy!

I'm competing in the Wensleydale Tri on 12th August. Its meant to be one of the toughest Tri's in the UK with an exceptional Distance on the Swim/Bike and Fell run!

Prob is I've not done much training on my training road bike, and I'm desperately seeking a new one mainly for this event but for future tri's.

I've been looking at the Focus Cayo, but I've had a few other suggestions thrown at me. Any thoughts please? ideas? whats good at the min. My budget stands between £500-£1000.

I've looked at decathlon's bikes and was wondering whether anyone has one?




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    NickNick Posts: 66
    hi chris. i would advice you look on planet x web site. you can get a full carbon road bike with ultegra bits and bobs for £999. but offer ends at the end of the last stage of the tour de france so be quick. nick
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    I've got my new bike, I eventually went for the Cannondale R500 on a CAdd 5 frame. Quality gorgeous bike!

    Although... I got some Keo Pedals with the bike when purchased, I then headed off to decathlon (closest bike store near me) and ask the assistant on the bike section for the right cleats, he gave me them and on i went. Then i attached everything, but could I heck as like get the cleats in the pedals, anyhow I went back an hour later discussed with the same person and they advised me on getting red delta's instead of the black ones. I asked if he was sure these were correct and he said YES! To my amazement, there not, and I've now got to go back tomorrow and get the right ones. I didnt know that there are keo specific cleats. Just shows what a great service specialist bike shops give over these crappy big store chains!!! Continue the Sole Trader!!!! Christophe!
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