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First post and it's a simple question...

...just wanted to guage the views of my learned fellow triathletes. Am about to take the plunge and get a half decent bike and have narrowed it down to two options (I appreciate there are dozens of others but I have to start somewhere!)

Option 1...2005 Cannondale Six13 ex-team bike so used, but in great condition, Shimano 105 Compact £899

Option 2...Brand new Planet X Superlight Carbon with Ultegra (I can spec the groupset) £999

There you go - I'd really welcome some thoughts on the options. It seems the C'dale is a fabulous frame with huge upgrade potential, but I am tempted by the shiny black of Planet X and the reviews seems great so far too! Am not really into Aero bars yet, just looking for a nice £1000 bike to learn the ropes and get fit with...

Not easy having so much choice...



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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    after using my brothers ocr4 giant for my first tri season, i got myself a planet x pro carbon road bike . it arrived saturday, and i would have paid another £999 for it! its so light, and looks great .

    the ultegra groupset is perfect, since i was used 2 sora! just get the right sized frame and specs, and there is a bike 2 keep you happy for a few years
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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    i would go for the planet x.At the moment they are offering very good products with out the expensive price tag
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