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Nutrition Help Please

Nutrition is obviously an important aspect of tri.

I struggle to find a right balance, and would be interested to know how other people deal with this.

Due to work, it means I am rarely home before 19:00, after 2-3 hours training it is close to or gone 22:00. I need a good night sleep to get up in time for work again the next day. Breakfast and lunch are never a problem, but the evening meal normally takes a bit of time to prepare and then it is too close to bed-time, and I live on my own.

Has anyone got a solution or advise on how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance


  • Hey.

    I have the same problem as you, as im generally not back from work until after 8 so need a meal ready for me when i get back. The best thing to do is to cook loads in one go, currys or pasta dishes work great. That way just heat it back up and you have 3 days worth of evening food. What i find is the best thing though is to train in the morning, that way you have the evenings to yourself and dont have to worry about everything by the time you're out of the office....Either way its not easy, but doable!

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