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Minimum bike weight?

This may seem like an incredibly silly question, but is there a specified minimum weight for your bike during triathlon?

Over the weekend I found that during road races the bike must weigh at least 6.9kg under UCI rules.(don't quote me exactly on this, it may vary slightly)

I was wondering if there was something similar for tri's


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Tri bikes are not under the same restictions as road race bikes, and neither are tt bikes that do not compete under uci rules ; basically hill climbs and lvrc events... I think.

    Obviously the only thing stopping you getting your bike as light as possible is money. Two pieces of advice 1. It is incredibly addictive and by the time you've got an ultra light bike built up its obseete - as some German has retuned your most exotic bit and made it 5grams lighter - and forget about repairs and spares. 2. Ultra light bikes will only take sub 70kg riders without going noodlelike, which takes all the fun out of riding them. If you are thinking of building up a lightweight special then buy the lightest suitable frame and wheels you can afford and garnish with off the peg lightweight parts and kit

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