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Best way to transport a bike

I am looking at the best way to transport a bike. The obvious answer would be to cycle it to its required destination, but the last time I checked the Euro Tunnel wasn’t open for bikes [:(]

I bought a bike in Holland, where I have family, so the bike is safely stored for now, however I am dying to go out on it, and need to go get it over.

Perhaps people have experience from racing abroad?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated?


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    pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    Depends on several things-mainly is it a one off shift or do you envisage moving your bike about a lot? If it's one off- pack it up in a bike box- most bike shops will give you one for free. Then you can either fly it or drive it across the ditch. Check with airlines re weight limits- some charge extra per kilo that you go over your baggage allowance and others a set fee for "sports goods". Freight companies in my experience charge through the teeth for small "part loads"- it's often cheaper to get a cheap ticket on a budget airline and take it as baggage.

    The other issue to consider is what sort of bike do you have? If it's mountain bike or hybrid it'll be pretty sturdy and able to take a fall off a baggage trolley. But if it's a full carbon racing bike then the chances of damage on an airline (or haulage company) is much greater. Then collecting it and driving it back yourself option is better.

    Or you can buy a hard bike case which I have done for my carbon bike. It has travelled from UK to Korea to New Zealand then a return trip to Australia and the bike is in perfect condition as is the box. They are expensive to buy- mine was about 280 pounds but it's cheaper than a new frame.

    It really does depend how much you plan on traveling with your bike in the future.

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    SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Agree with all of Piglet's comments!

    I stick my bike in the back of my Clio - fits perfectly. Front wheel off, back seats down and in she goes. Nice soft blanket over the top to keep her warm. She travels all over that way - from Inverurie to Wimbleball last year and over to Austria in 87 days!

    ...and she doesn't criticise my taste in music! [:D]
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    RH912RH912 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the replies. I would be interested to find out a bit more about these bike-cases (have you got a web-link perhaps?). I do race abroad at least once a year, and maybe more than once in the future.
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