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Island Triathlon Seres Pro Athletes

Hi Everyone!

As you all know Island Triathlon Series is a new and exciting

triathlon that is taking place in Turks & Caicos on December 1st.

This triathlon is taking the sport of triathlon to a new level. It is

more than a race—it is an exceptional experience.

In our pro-athlete category we have already secured an amazing line

up of athletes that are participating in the event that include:

- Lisa Bentley (Canada)

- Chris McCormack (Australia)

- Desiree Ficker (USA)

- Chris Leito (USA)

- Joanna Lawn (New Zealand)

- Matt Reed (USA)

- Melanie McQuaid (Canada)

- Kim Loeffler (USA)

- Marino Vanhoenacker (Belgium)

- Leon Griffin (USA)

- Lewis Elliot (USA)

- Rutger Beke (Belgium)

Check out our website at www.islandtriathlonseries.com to find out

more about how you can sign up for the race in our age-group

categories. Or feel free to contact me with any questions you may



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