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Island Triathlon Seriesª Signature Distance/Celebrity Relay/Promotion

Hi Everyone,

Island Triathlon Series™ is the perfect way to end off your tri-season – a destination race in a tropical island setting scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 1st, 2007.

The Island Eighty™

Our original distance triathlon commences in the picturesque sandbanks of Grace Bay, Provodinciales – Turks and Caicos.

The swim course consists of an inverted triangle where you will swim 0.33 miles North West; 0.34 miles East and 0.33 miles South West totaling a combined 1 mile swim. Visit [color=#0000ff]www.islandtriathlonseries.com/course/course_swim[/color]. for a more detailed route map.

The bike course will take you throughout the island landscape and consists of four-loops totaling 66 miles. Visit [color=#0000ff]www.islandtriathlonseries.com/course/course_bike[/color] for a more detailed route map.

The run course is an "out and back" style set-up totaling 13 miles. Visit [color=#0000ff]www.islandtriathlonseries.com/course/course_run[/color] for a more detailed route map.

Newest Confirmed Celebrity Relay Racer

Andy Baldwin

An accomplished triathlete and winner of recent humanitarian awards from Triathlete Magazine and Competitor Magazine. Andy competed in his first triathlon in 2000 and has since gone on to compete internationally in numerous Ironman, Half-Ironman and other triathlons and marathons, often ranking among the top five finishers in his age group. He most recently appeared on The Bachelor on ABC's "The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman".

Promo = Saves you Money!

We are still offering a new Tri Club/Coach Promotion that has some great advantages when you book 10 or more participants. Some of them include:

• 10% off each participant’s registration fee

• A special invitation to the Premiers Reception

• Customized ITS team apparel


Check out our website at www.islandtriathlonseries.com to register today.


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