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World Champion endorses Island Triathlon Seriesª

World Champion endorses Island Triathlon Series™

Hala Bissada, President & CEO of Island Triathlon Series™ (ITS) is very pleased to announce 2007 World Champion, Chris McCormack’s enthusiastic support of the world’s newest and most anticipated triathlon.

Chris remarks, “The opportunity to race in new Triathlon events in some of the worlds most beautiful destinations is what keeps me motivated. More so, beyond the scope of racing, I love to show new communities the lifestyle that is Triathlon. When the Island Eighty race presented itself, I saw this as a huge opportunity to throw my weight behind an event that is exciting, new and touching an area of the globe that is relatively new to our amazing sport. Life is about making choices, and for those of us that compete in Triathlon events, we have chosen to commit to a healthy lifestyle. This is the beauty of my sport, that lifestyle is the driving force behind everyone who competes and is primary ingredient behind the growth of this sport globally. Lifestyle is everything and Triathlon is a great lifestyle sport for everybody. Destination races such as the Island Eighty event in Turks and Caicos will be the future of this sport, and I am just excited and happy to be a part of this event. I enjoy the athlete’s positive attitude toward our sport and what they bring to the communities that support these events.”

The ITS power-house pro-athlete ensemble also includes the likes of Ironman champions Chris Lieto, Chris Legh, Nina Kraft, Marino Vanhoenacker and USA Long course champion Kim Loeffler.

The inaugural Island Triathlon Series™ takes place on March 29, 2008 on the beautiful [color=black]Turks and Caicos Islands[/color][color=black] of Providenciales. The event will be broadcast to over 85 countries. [/color]For more information about the event please visit [color=#800080]www.islandtriathlonseries.com[/color].
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