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Advice needed - training when ill

I'm doing the sprint distance London tri on Sat. Unfortunately probably due to overtraining I've had a really bad cold for the last 5 days which is just begining to lift. I had planned a big practice swim,bike run on Sat to bring all the training together then taper down this week but that wasn't possible.

My question is that,as I'm on the mend & to boost my confidence, I'm very tempted to do a hard brick session tonight and a serpentine swim tomorrow morning then rest on Fri . Is is a good idea or am I pushing my luck?

I'm hoping to do an olympic distance tri in late Sept, any good tips on avoiding illness due to overtraining - the mind is willing but body is letting me down!


  • handyrobhandyrob Posts: 31
    Its a tough when when the itchy feet kick in and you want to get that last session in, but id be more inclined to rest until then to get as much illness out of your system as possible.
  • JulieMacJulieMac Posts: 30
    One of the hardest things to be disciplined about is easing off or stopping training if your unwell/injured. I'd say Handyrob is right. Plus your general fitness wont get any better by doing a few sessions now. Rest up maybe do a light session (on the bike or running I wouldn't go in the drink if your just getting over a cold,) to keep your mind off things but don't get carried away. Eat well hydrate well and save your self for the race.

    As to futher races just be sensible this illness may have been a one off but if your sure its due to over training review your schedual. Be certain to eat a healthy diet and make sure you stay well hydrated.
  • The advice is good, time to chill out.

    Do some gentle stuff if you feel OK, even if it is just a decent walk but above all take it easy - you can only make it worse, not better at this stage by training.

    I'm doing likewise, having taken a large lump out of one knee after an argument with a manhole cover last weekend.

    So if you see someone on Sunday pm with a large plaster on one knee that'll be me [:)]

    Hope it goes well
  • DedeDede Posts: 35
    Hi Bunged up,

    Suggestion, if you are recovering from the cold rest until race day, however do stretching exercises i.e shoulders, back and hamstrings, on friday do a jog very light to loosen yourself. Now that your doing the sprint on Sat do not expect anything great because of your illness, you may find you still have a cold underlying and suffer fatigue quickly. Treat this race as a tester and try to the best of your ability (you have only missed a week of training but its the cold that will affect you.) in preparation for your Olympic distance in Sept. Break up the race in 3 stages, if you feel weak in the swim obviously take it easy for that discipline, if you go too hard you will suffer in the final stages of the swim and struggle on the bike and run. When it comes to T1 do that as quick as possible, give yourself some movitation and practice skills. On the bike, enjoy it were are gonna have some great weather and its relatively a flat course. Finally the run see what you've got left in the tank and pick off people in front of you. Enjoy the day but use it depending how you feel. Hard training for Sept, or give it some.
  • zoezoe Posts: 28

    Sounds a bit worrying that you're 'overtraining' for a sprint.

    Let us know what training you were doing for the sprint and what you're planning for the Oly, and maybe someone will be able to make some suggestions which would help stop you getting ill again before the Oly in sept.

    Good luck for Saturday

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