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Shin splints

hi please can someone a good way to set rid of shin splints. i can run a good 5k one day and then usually have to take a month off to recover, i've tried the usual RICE treatment with no succes. have you heard of the shin splints cure on a website? Any good?


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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    I used to suffer from shin splints all the time.

    I researched the subject loads and never came up with a definitive answer, however for me it was my shoes. Basically I went to a good store who had me running up and down the street looking at my style and recommended various shoes. I have never had shin splints since.

    Hope this helps, probably not!!
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    Hey there.....I really feel for you, as i had them for about 3 years pretty much all the time.....I had posterior shin splints( the outside of the shin)...Depending on which one you have it makes a difference apparently....What i did for mine which eventually worked was as grant said, i got some shoes suggested to me after my running was anaylsed. WHat did it most for me was bulding the distance up. Its so tedious but you have to run really short distances, ie stop running before you feel any pain at all. FOr me initially this was like 10 mins. sO i ran 10 mins 7 times a week, and then increased it bit by bit. Also i wore a tubagrip around the shin which is really helpfull, and even now i run with it on....As i said i have shin splints for almost 3 years and now i have no problem. I still strech a hell of alot and only try and run on grass or soft surfaces, but im able to run for 2 hours with no problem....

    Hope this helps, from one fellow sufferer to another!

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    MickyMicky Posts: 3
    Thanks all I'll take a wee spin to some sports shop prob be a bit of a trek as I live in the middle of no where. thanks any kind of help is always good and welcome
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    pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    Hi Micky

    Get it checked that it's not compartment syndrome- apparently symptoms are similar. My husband had what he thought was shin splints and was told it was compartment syndrome. Having said that, his treatment was same-rest from running, then slowly building up the mileage on motion control shoes- he's been fine ever since. I'd agree with the others- get an assessment from a good running shop or a podiatrist.

    Good luck[:)]
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