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Another Pesky Newbie

LindsLinds Posts: 124
Hi all

I have been running the Bristol Half marathon every year for the last five years, taking it les and less seriously, to the point that last year I did it with no training at all - in fact I had stopped all sport for about a year before (DIY then we had our first child).

This year I have decided to take it seriously again and have just started training and am targeting a 1:45 time for the half in September and have entered a 10k in May so I keep training.

What's that got to do with Triathlon I hear you ask.

Well in order to build up my general fitness I thought I would also do some swimming and that (finally) led to me thinking about doing a triathlon - and I'm now committed to doing the Bath Sprint Triathlon on 27 July !!!

Ok I can handle the running but the swimming and cycling are a different prospect. Now I accept that I'm not going to cover myself in glory and storm the field winning in record time, but I would like to be able to hold my head high and finish in a respectable (outside the bottom 10) time.

Now the main problem with training is my 13 month old son who I love spending time with of an evening and therefore don't have any free time till after 8pm. And I am totally crap in the morning.

For the swimming I'm thinking about doing one hour or so session a week to start with, building up to two sessions a month or so before the tri - is this woefully inadequate? Oh and I guess I will be doing something similar on the bike - although I may do a longer ride at the weekend.

And then we come to the bike - or rather the lack of. My last bike was knicked from my student house some 15 years ago which could be classed as a bit on an issue. So I'm going to have to splash out some cash and get a new one. And this is where things get worse - I've only got a budget of £200 - and that is pushing it.

I've found a Raleigh Airlite 100 for £180 or so on ebay and having read some previous posts this seems to be the likely bike of choice - assuming the current sub £200 Dawes, Specialized, Trek, Raleigh 200's etc. go for their usual £200+ price.

I know it's probably to heavy, crap gears, brakes etc. but it's a bike, which is I believe a key component of a Triathlon, so it will do.

I'm off to get some new running shoes this weekend, but what else will I need to see me through. A bike helmet will follow the bike, but then what?

Trunks? or should I swim/cycle/run in cycle type shorts.

Goggles and swim cap are I guess essential.

I will be cycling in my running shoes (with open toe clips on the pedals), so there doesn't seem to be much else. Watch that statement come back to bite me on the arse in three months time!

Basically any tips/comments would be much appreciated


And sorry about the mammoth first post !


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    pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hey there linds,

    Sounds like your looking for a good time in the half and that level of fitness will stand to you in tri. A couple of things you might want to consider. Is the sprint pool based or open water? if open water you will probably have to rent a wet suit. I turned up to my first tri in a trisuit which i thought was a form of wetsuit, most embarrassing moment!

    For the bike and swim training once a month will probably not be enough unless you adapt to them very quickly and you're already a strong swimmer (?) If you wear a thin pair of run shorts under the wetsuit and then put on your bike shorts in first transition. A pair of bicycle shorts is a must if you're not used to the bike saddle. You can then change into your run gear in second transition. A helmet is regulation. A pair of bike gloves and a pair of shades are good optional extras.

    You can get an alright starter bike for £200 but you can probably get a much better one for £250, check out local triathlon clubs for people who are upgrading their current bikes.

    Best of luck with it.
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    awroit Linds, howz biz mucker!

    I'm a proud Bristolian (my login name gives it away slightly i know!!) living in the St George area,

    If you wanna training partner or simply the use of my limited experience just let me know. I have 7 tri's behind me and endless enthusiasm so i might be of some help!

    I was thinking of entering bath myself.

    Cheers, Lee

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    LindsLinds Posts: 124
    Thanks for replies guys

    Slight typo on the training front - I’m going to try and do a cycle/swim once a WEEK, building up to twice a week during the month before the tri.

    The swim is going to be in a pool, so fortunately no wet suit required.

    I guess by cycle shorts you mean something with some padding! That’s a definite priority - I'm going to have enough trouble walking after my first bike rise that chaffing would only exasperate.

    Lees - thanks for the offer and I will probably take you up on it, but not for a few months it would be to embarrassing for me right now!
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    insideinside Posts: 22
    welcome to the time poor triathlete club

    Just a couple of things to add - look for some womens specific bike shorts - much more comfy especially is your saddle is "basic"

    Also, no matter how good a runner you are (1:45 hm is good btw) - you won't be very good at running in triathlon if you are no good at cycling.

    As you are time poor, may be worth training to run off the bike and make your training as quality as possible. BE Careful with this at first

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