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well we wont be going again... travelled from leics and if you wanted an energy bar or a drink maybe it was ok but we were very dissapionted with the rest. lack of cycle accessories
been to better cycle jumbles .... the outdoor show in brum was much better last year than this...
sorry TCR but it was rubbish...


  • Those were exaclty my sentiments on the way home on Saturday Belly!!!

    The only decent thing was the seminar with Joe Beer but apart from that not much to get excited about. Can't really complain in some respects as probably got 3 seasons worth of gels for nothing and a couple of pairs of goggles for nothing but all in all was expecting much much more
  • What is it that was missing for you guys then ?
  • My first time going & I really enjoyed it.
    Lots of freebies! Got 7 pairs of goggles, 3 watches plus other things...
    Definately lacking in cycle shoes though....
  • I think I had just got too big expectations for it in all fairness. I was desperate to get a new pair of cycling shoes and there was only 2 places selling them, only saw a couple of places selling helmtes and considering it was a cycling show too there were very few bikes on sale.

    It was great for freebies, I must admit, but I think my hopes just weren't realised!!

    Secretly I was hoping there would be some kind of high tech (carbon!!) gadget that would make me go faster on both bike and foot but it wasn't to be!!
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Perhaps a carbon pair of lungs and haeart? Ive have seen reports of plastic heasrts in the news this week.

    Ive been the last few years and would only go for the freebies to be honest. The potential to try out a variety of bike brands was good previously, but dunno if they do that since some tit stole an orbea ordu by scaling the back fence.

    7 pairs of goggles!!!
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