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Helmet recommendations?


Now my cycle helmet has had it's fair share of use, I've decided to invest in a new one.

Has anyone got any recommendations for a £60'ish helmet. I've seen wiggle has a sale on at present, but not all have reviews.

Thanks for the advise...


  • I currently use a Giro mountain bike helmet and find it a lot more comfortable than a road one. The main benefit is the peak which acts as a sun shade, stops the wind from hitting the top edge of my glasses and blasting in the corners of my eyes and helps to prevent me looking too far ahead.

    Now that last bit might sound a bit odd, but I find it hugely beneficial to not look too far ahead. When I'm on the tribars with a road helmet, there is the temptation to look into the distance all the way up the road but I find looking up for that long makes my eyes really hurt. Also, on hills I can just concentrate on the 10 metres in front of me and not the 2K slog left to go so it's a big psychological gain. The same applies during races where I don't get hung up on catching the bike ahead; I just concentrate on keeping the pace I trained for and focus on the 10m of road ahead. It can be too tempting to sprint up to catch someone and actually find you've blown you're rythm and struggle to get back on a comfortable pace.
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