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First Olympic training advice?


Come August 10th around about this time, all being well I should be coming to the end of my first Olympic tri. I've been training for London ever since I watched a friend compete in last years event and got inspired.

So essentially I have gone from sofa to fit (relatively!!) in a year, which I think is pretty good. I've done five sprint tri's this year, four of which have been open water. So I think I'm pretty well prepared.

Now we're coming to two weeks until the event I'm starting to get very nervous about whether I have done enough to get around. But I'm also very aware of the dangers of over training. My plan was to carry on as normal until a couple of days before, this is normally a long ride on Saturdays, did 70 miles on Saturday just gone, Swim session on Sunday, Monday rest, Tuesday, Run (Speed set), Wednesday Swim, Thursday, Bike (speed set) and Friday long run 5 - 9 miles.

Next weekend I planned to do a 40k ride at race pace, and then a longer ride on Sunday, approximately 30 - 35 miles, but that is more for fun than training, and then carry on as above until Thursday, then rest until event.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this? Too much, too little? Any advice would be very welcome...


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    going4itgoing4it Posts: 3
    Hi Grant

    Well done for going from sofa to fit. The sprints you have completed will stand you in good stead for an Oly. You'll love it, especially a race with so many spectators and such a good atmosphere.

    Most triathletes never think they have done enough, but you are more than likely to have based on what you say your normal training is. 70 mile rides are copious distances for an Oly and if your run and swim distances are of similar standing for the discipline then you will have absolutely no problems.

    Tapering is a very individual thing and which only experience will show you what works for you. If it's an unknown to you I would always suggest a longer taper and keep the intensity low. Don't forget what a taper is for, to allow your body to recover fully from the rigours of training and to recharge your energy stores. Failure to achieve this will result in a performance less than your maximum potential. You're right to do very little or nothing in the last two to three days and the 4 or 5 before that reduce the intensity and carry out the training just to make sure you create good blood flow into your muscles to aid maximum taper benefit. Make sure on your fun ride you don't get carried away, especially if you are with training partners or on a club run. You can easily get sucked in to a few sprint sessions and spoil your taper.

    Keep focused and have a great race.

    Yours in sport

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