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Ironman UK

Just wanted to write and say what an amazing experience the Ironman UK event was. I didn't take part as I was there purely to check the event out and cheer some club mates on. I've always proclaimed I am not interested in completing the Ironman distance, mainly because I always thought I wouldn't have a hope in hell of completing it. But watching everyone Sunday was truly inspirational and it reminded me why I started training for triathlon's in the first place.

So congratulations to everyone, you are all truly inspirational...


  • Definately. It must take some serious mental strength as well as physical training to keep going after 18/19 hours.

    As we were doing the trudge from the camp site to the carpark 2 miles away, some of the final competitors we just starting their second or final lap of the run. Everyone was still cheering them on and most were in good spirits. I guess once you've got that far it's a case of "just keep moving".

    Hats off to thet lot of them!
  • As one of the successful finishers of the IMUK this weekend I'd like to thank you both, and all the others out there who were cheering us on - you make a big difference.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    How did you guys do at your 'home race'??

    Was the weather ok??( cause here it was lousy as hell,pouring rain,lots ofwind).

    Let us know how it went, be proud of what you've achieved!! [image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image][8D]
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    Have to agree with you amazon, the support from everyone was amazing. i was really struggling onlap 2 and 3 of the run but the crowd kept me going. i am still dumbfounded by the number of supporters there were, and by the fact that they were there for so long. they didnt just wait until the pro's had come past, they were there cheering everyone on and until long after dark. a huge thank you to all the supporters, you were truly amazing[:)]
  • you guys make me really want to do ironman! I'm planning on the vitruvian next year as its not far from where I live, but i think will take me a while to step up to the full one!
  • I was chatting to a guy doing his first Ironman while we waited to pay for the campsite. He said he'd started triathlon four years ago (and wished he'd found it years before) and gradually increased the distance each year. He did a couple of half Ironmans (or is it Ironmen?) last year then went for the full distance this year. Good effort.

    It makes me want to start aiming for olympic distance next year after my first year doing sprints.
  • Couldnt agree more with all of the above

    I was supposed to be doing Rough Track as I like a bit of MTBing, but on a whim last week decided to go watch this instead. Convinced a mate to come with me who knew nothing about Tris and can barely swim 100m without drowning (although he does a mean 90min Half Marathon)

    We camped on Saturday night, putting tent up in the afternooon in downpour (my first time camping in YEARS!!) and got up at 5 to go see the swim. Great to watch a mass start like that.

    Then we hung around for the first 20 out the water and then went back to boggy campsite to half pack up (put car on the hill near the cattle grid for those who were running!) In hindsight we should have stayed at the swim exit another hour to see the masses come out, as we came back from campsite right in the lull of everyone out on bikes.

    Saw Bayliss, Cartmell, Comerford etc start the run, then had lunch. Watched the winners cross the line, the last 20mins of the bike (very nervous friends waiting for ppl nearby), then had to head home. Would have loved to have been there at 10.30 onwards

    Feel sorry for the only 70-74 male though (2 entered, one turned up), he did the swim in 2h 36mins, and was removed from race due to 2.30 cut-off!

    He could have been going to Kona!!

    Plan to do New Forest Middle Distance next year, after that we will see!!!!
  • I was supporting and was more than a bit hoarse from yelling to everyone who came past- I can't imagine actually doing an Ironman. The race was great and my admiration for all of the competitors is enormous. The organisers could have done with getting some matting for both the athletes areas and the main concourse though because some areas turned into a muddy mess.
  • I've just returned to work from holidays where I completed the UK Ironman!

    I just had to post a note to say what a fantastic event this was and to pass on my sincerest thanks to the event organisers, all those who came out to support and to the residents of Sherborne - you were simply amazing and made my first Ironman a simply unforgetable experience for all the right reasons.

    I absolutely loved every minute of the whole experience - and to those of you dithering as to whether to take the plunge and go long or not - just do it! Coming down the finish straight and crossing that line is the most amazing feeling!!!

    I felt comfortable throughout the race and crossed in the finish in 12.34 - apart from winning the the thing, I can't see how the experience could have been any better - even the weather held off!

    So .... where's the best place to get a tattoo!!?



    P.S. Anyone else suffer dodgy guts during the post race week? I reckon I drank to much lake!!

  • Didn't get the dodgy guts, but I did develop a strange rash...... which I too blamed on the lake!!!

    P.S. Weren't you at the race briefing where they warned us about the dangers of over hydration?? Maybe that's what they were talking about!!!!
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