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Endurance Nation, anyone used any of there services?


I've been pointed towards the www.endurancenation.us, which has some really nice services. There is a free the book on there which basically outlines there training philosophy and backs it up with some great points and scientific evidence. I have to say I'm only half way through the book and it makes more sense to me than Training bible ever did, the one thing it doesn't do is help you work out a training schedule, that's where you have to pay.

So has anyone here purchased a plan, positives / negatives?

Maybe you know of somewhere better?

I'm looking for a plan to help me properly prepare for Wimbleball next year, I'm also looking to improve my strength on the bike leg.



  • I haven't paid for any plans (too tight) but I have followed the philosophy and used their sample plans (in the free on-line book) to create a plan of sorts. I live in NZ and i don't think I would get the full benefit of membership not living and doing races in the US. I think if i lived in the US and wanted to do the big Ironman races out there I would sign up.

    Love the 4 keys and will be following them in my races. I'm not fast but i think the 4 keys will ensure I have a 'better' and more enjoyable race

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