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underwater swim analysis

Does anyone know of a sensibly priced, but a good place to go for one of these sessions?


  • I used T3 performance in early December half day coaching and under water video for about £50. I found it to be pretty good they are based in Tooting, don't know if that is close to you but worth a look.
  • jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    Had a one hour session with Christain at SwimCam in Lutterworth for £50 - was great
    Video from all angles - showed many flaws in my technique
    Simple drills to follow and I could feel improvement almost immediately
    I think he does groups of 2 or 3 for lower cost
  • Where do you live ?

    Seems little point in telling you I know a place in surrey if you live in Cornwall

    Swim 4 tri - can't fault them
  • Sorry, forgot to add area...oxfordshire/wilts border.
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