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Help with Cycle to Work Scheme


I would like a new bike for the coming season! This isn't a greed issue, I've had my Specialized for some time now, and bless her, she has had it to the point where its become more expensive to fix her, then buying a new bike. Well, near enough! As I'm sure many of you are in the same situation, I am also skint! I don't really know much about the Cycle to Work Scheme apart from my company doesn't at present to it.

Could someone who has previously convinced there employer to take up the scheme give me the low down of how to go about setting this up / persuading them its a great idea! Maybe point me in the direction of a good resource, I've seen quite a few websites, but are different schemes easier to deal with then others? Also do I need to pick a scheme in advance, I obviously want the one with the best range of bikes.

Thanks in advance


  • deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    My work uses a Halford scheme but worth bearing in mind you are not limited to the Halford range. They will source specific bikes at your request from a specialist retailer.

    Not sure on the specific benefits for the employer other than improved staff morale/retention
  • Xyzee_ukXyzee_uk Posts: 100
    My new job has a halfords one too (but I have to wait for 6 months before I can get my new bike [:(], thinking Boardman!!)

    The website quotes this as the reasons for;

    Employer Information

    Running a cycle2work scheme incurs no direct costs for employers who also avoid the NI contribution of 12.8% on the value salary sacrificed and achieve the benefits of a green transport or environmental compliance plan. Both parties benefit from the employee being fitter and healthier, and the scheme contributes to a recruitment and retention programme and helps combat absenteeism.
  • republic of ireland here.

    i just went into my guy in the bike shop. bought some mavics, some shorts and a helmet.

    he invoiced me for a bike, which i will be giving to the boss{he has no probs}.

    hahaha. free wheels from the goverment. im delighted. being paying tax for year and years.
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    deeess is right,as long as you tell exacly what you want they will source it from it from anouther supplier so youve got nothing to worry about for those that are worried
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Lots of previous threads on this. My lovely Dolan Mythos came via the Halford's 'Cycle2Work' scheme i.e Halford's was the provider. For the uninitiated I would stress that 'Dolan' means a completely independent bike company who do not have Halford's as a distributor. Halford's Cycle2Work can get pretty much anything that has the right safety ticket. Unfortunately for me, at the time, that did not include Planet-X who had a bust-up with Halford's over exactly that issue, so the £1000 P-X Stealth 105 was unobtainable.

    I notice now that the cheapest bike available from P-X is over £1000 anyway.

    As I've said far too many times before, the ABSOLUTE LIMIT AS DEFINED BY THE INLAND REVENUE is £1000 to be spent ONLY on a COMPLETE BIKE AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT.

    Sorry for shouting, but any second now somebody will post saying they used their cycle scheme certificate as part payment on a set of Zipps or something. You may get away with it, some schemes are (or have been) a bit more slack than others but the Revenue are clamping down on it. You may be charged the extra tax, VAT and NI. The cycle to work scheme is intended to pay for at most two complete and ready to ride bikes with safety equipment up to a total value of £1000.

    Also, do remember in these difficult times that you may have to pay the balance if you are made redundant. My recent redundancy payment in lieu of notice included a pre-tax deduction of £576 for the remainder of my bike. In total, my £1000 bike has cost me a post tax amount of about £600. Still, not bad. I also got a MTB a few years ago that was a £400 bike which cost me around £180.
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