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Eating too much on the bike?


I was just wondering if what I eat or drink on the bike is going to effect my weight lose? One of my key objectives before my first race in June is to lose as much weight as possible to improve speed and hill climbing.

During the week I tend to do two commutes, 25 miles each way, I don't tend to eat before hand as I set off at 06:10, I eat breakfast once there, I also don't tend to drink much, maybe just water. Same on the way home. So that's 100 miles during the week, not sure if that's relevant?

On my Saturday ride, which seem to average 50 miles, 3 hours, I will have breakfast, porridge with fruit and a coffee. Whilst out, I have two bottles, one with Powerbar and one with just a Nuun tablet. Yesterday I also had a Trek bar and some Ride shots, probably about five, very nice actually, these were my free sample! If I feel partially tired when I get home I will also have a recovery drink, normally either Powerbar or High 5 mixed with milk. However, yesterday I didn't have one.

So am I over doing the nutrition considering I am aiming to lose weight?


  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I dont think so, weight loss is a funny realm, you have to balance nutritional needs of the body with wanting to be in a calorie deficit so you loose weight, not easy!

    I went out on the bike today for 4 hours I consumed -

    Before - porridge, banana, slice of soreen

    during - soreen slices x 3, banana + water

    I felt this was about right for me, but then I am in no way trying to loose weight.

    My personal opinion is that should err on the side of too much nutrition where hard training is concerned, you will loose the weight eventually, you don't need to rush.

    Personally I think when you are not needing to run after sports drinks on the bike are a waste of time and money, they are just sugar, they cause insulin spikes that will lead to fat deposition.

    If you are going steady for miles I think its better to have something with longer lasting carbs in it, like a banana or soreen, + an electrolyte drink or water.

    I think weight loss is about what you eat not how much, make sure you are eating a good diet and in the next statement I am in no way suggesting you do this, but I have so many people asking me how to loose weight (mostly students)


    and limit foods such as cake, have a piece or soreen for sweet stuff.

    AND my big tip - eat a bowl of bran flakes/ fruit and fibre for an evening supper at 9ish, it will keep you full (keep you regular [;)]) and the protein in it mostly from the milk will repair those muscles overnight
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