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Outlaw - Should I do it? Help needed

Hi guys,

Well i've well and truely caught the tri bug. I was hoping to gain some advice to whether I should do The Outlaw this year. Here is a background of me.

20 years old,
60kg (BMI of 21),
Resting HR of 40-45.
Olympic time of 2.22
Half marathon PB: 1.24
3km: probs around 55mins
60mile bike - 3.5hours ish (85miles longest ride - felt pretty dead after)
Currently training at 10hours a week for UK 70.3 Wimbleball 2011

I am really unsure of whether I am taking in too much already. But I plan to start medical school after my final year at Uni next year and this year is a perfect chance to focus on training as I am working this year on a placement.

I really would welcome advice as to whether go for it or wait till older when I can buy a much better bike (currently ride £450 giant defy) and build endurance. I am really tempted though as I think I could finish it (albeit not very fast)

Much appreciated in advance,



  • pippip Posts: 170
    Hiya mate.Age 47 weight 12stone 4lbs olympic distance best of 2hours 50 mins ironman 70.3 in time of 6hours 42mins.Guess which is my main event of the year THE OUTLAW. Shitting meself,major doubts in my head sometimes and the other times think i'll manage it in 13 hours.Never swam more than 3k(1hour 5 mins)never cycled more than 100 miles and never ran more than 13.1 miles.If i can do the swim and bike in less than 10 hours i'll complete it because i know i can walk 26 miles in 7 hours. Just say f**k it and get yourself bokked in .Good luck
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Do it !

    I'm gutted I didn't sign up to an Ironman sooner, (first one this year I'll be 35 years old)
    Do it while your legs are still up to it.
    I've hammered mine since my early twenties with all sorts of event's but never an Ironman distance triathlon.
    I'm constantly having to get them massaged on a very regular basis (which I never did in my early days - but maybe should have done), my recovery is slower compared to 10 - 15 years ago, they always feel heavy unless I take about 2 weeks off and have 4 sports massages (which I can't afford to do) and speed wise I'm just not quite as quick.

    Do it while your still young so if you prove to be a natural you can improve year on year while you have no family or work commitments.

    But that is only my opinion. . .

    This Ironman for me may finish me off !
  • If your thinking about it then you've already entered in reality.

    Just do it.
  • planeetxplaneetx Posts: 4
    Hmm, with those times you must know that you're physically more than capable of completing the event.

    Stop faffing about and get your entry form in
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