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Aero/Tri bars for a shorty


I have found many discussions on aero/tri bars, but none seem to address my issue. At 5' 4" you could say I'm quite short, well, for fear of being accused of short man syndrome, it's a fact!

I've never ridden with aero/tri bars, but would like to give it a go to see if it improves my times, I certainly feel very comfortable and fluid on the drops so aero/tri bars seems the next logical step.

I have a Specialized Allez Triple 2007, size:52cm. So ideally I need bars which are quite adjustable. As always I'm on tight budget, but saying that I also don't want to spend loads and then find I prefer being on drops.

Product suggestions from other vertically challenged people would be gratefully received.

Thanks again



  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hi Grant,

    Sorry, I don't qualify as a shorty but tbh if you have a bike that fits you then your height should not be an issue.

    If you're worried about aero bars having too much reach for you then either get adjustable ones, or get shorter draft-legal ones. Or do both: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.aspx?Cat=cycle&ProdID=5360008177&n=Profile%20Jammer%20GT%20Aero%20Bar

    I have a set of these Profile bars, I think - I bought mine so long ago I forget the name, but these look the same. They are adjustable in an almost annoying number of ways. After getting it right I found there was a spacer under the pads that I could remove as well, to get even lower.

    I'm sure there are other brands that other people will recommend. I think these are about £50.
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