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Calling Garmin FR 50 users


I know this isn't really the place to post technical questions about equipment, but I also can't really think of anywhere better.

A few weeks ago I purchased the Garmin Forerunner 50 with heart rate strap and cadence monitor. I already own a Garmin edge 205 but thought the FR would be good for tracking time in the other disciplines on race day as well as tell me the all important cadence.

All seems fine but I've noticed if I change view, for example to Cadence / Heart rate after a swim session, the results are not recorded, however it will tell me the data at that point, ie. on the watch face. I've only noticed this evening when I went out on the bike, looked at the watch and it was on Time / Heart rate, so I pressed view to get Cadence / Heart rate. When I was viewing the results there is just a straight line where the data should be? Interestingly, well probably not, but I will say it anyway! HR & Cadence where record up until I changed view, once I changed view it automatically started a new lap and as I said above stopped recording data. But what's the point of recording in the background if I can't get live info?

So what I'm asking is, do I have to pick my view first and not change it, or can I do what I want, I'm just not doing it properly? This could potentially be very annoying as I find the Cadence data very useful during the ride but if I have to have the Cadence view for the whole race I'm only benefiting in one section of the race.

Suggestions would be very welcome...

Sorry if this doesn't make sense, which it probably wont unless you own the watch.
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