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jbst.com Turbo trainer sessions?


I'm quite new to all this and would like some help decoding the indoor cycling training sessions on http://www.jbst.com/, under indoor cycling.

I understand cadence, (note to self, must buy cadence monitor!) and HR zones. So I take it you work your way down the table until complete, seems easy enough. What is all the info under gear all about?

Sorry if this is real basic stuff, but not coming from a cycling background I am at a loss to work it out.




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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Hi Grant, I briefly scanned your link, so this may not be the exact answer to your question. I've tried various turbo sessions and guess what I believe the most useful one is keep it simple. Set yourself a target either distance or time, put your bike into a road like gear I use 53/13 ... or big at the front and 3rd smallest at the back and go for it. I record heart rate and average speed and try to beat it the next time. I do 60km it takes 1.25ish and average 42.something kmh. I find that by concentrating on beating my target that I focus on stuff like settling my HR and pedaling smoothly, not on push here or there, nor on checking if the gear I'm in is correct. So the answer to your question (I think) is pick a hard/road like gear and keep it there. I honestly feel that you benfit more from doing steady/fast/hard sessions on the turbo than all the complicated intervals
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    Hi Grant,

    Like you I am new to all this - our club coach gave me a few turbo sessions to work on. I'm not sure what distance you are working at completing but this is a nice beginners session

    15 mins easy warm up, including some work with only one leg at a time - it helps your technique

    then, pick a gear that you can maintain but that is reasonalbly hard work and do:

    1min hard 3mins rest

    2mins hard 2mins rest

    3mins hard 1 min rest

    and repeat it 3/5 times

    then have a 10/15 min cooldown

    I use this one lots as it is a bit varied and stops you getting fed up but it's simple enough to let you concentrate on what you are doing

    have fun!

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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262

    I should have posted my appreciation before but I never got around to it.

    Just wanted to say I have been doing both your suggestions and I'm loving them.

    I think I really starting to feel the benefit as Saturdays ride was ace, I was pushing every hill and spinning real smoothly, my tri club group wondered what the hell had got into me! Plus I had energy to spare at the end, which is a great feeling, I normally feel like throwing the bike in the lake!! Not really, but I'm sure you get what I mean.

    Thanks again

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