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cut arms on wet suit, oops...


When I was watching a friend compete at the end of last season, I noticed a ex-rental wet-suit stall and had suits for sale at £50, this was too much of a bargain to turn down. After trying on several I settled on one which fitted my body and legs well. However the arms where too long. The man selling the suit said I could cut off up to 6 inches, so I figured I would sort this out later.

Last week I visited Spain and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try the suit out swimming, all was great apart from the arms, so I marked them up and cut the ends off. This has turned out to be a mistake as now the arms are not tight enough around the bottom of my arms, I can still use the suit, is just every-time I bring my hand over and back into the water I get a fresh stream of water going up my arms. In colder water, this is quite a distraction.

Can anything be done? I was wondering about the wet-suit cream you use to stop it rubbing, it could maybe act like a seal, has anyone tried this?




  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    You should get this fixed cause it puts a brake on your swim performance (by means of drag).

    How? I dont know, maybe try to contact people who make the suits?
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    Have you got any scuba diving shops/clubs near you? having done a bit of diving and used a dry suit in the past, there are cuffs you can buy made of neoprene of latex which you glue (although they say weld for some reason) onto your suit. There is a special glue and from memory I thinks it's called witches something. try a spot of research through sites like O THREE or BEAVER they are both big in the wet/semi wet and dry suit trade.

    Hope it helps.

  • coscos Posts: 3
    A friend of mine who is a surfer had a similar problem with a wet suit, he rolled the sleaves up until they became fairly tight and therefore made a seal keeping water out (could be used as a short term measure). Only real problem would be that you expose more of the skin on your arms.
  • Hi everyone, I have researched various options and here are my findings.

    Learner's suggestion unfortunately was unsuccessful as Dry Suit Wrist Seals can only be attached to dry-suits as hey have a nylon outer layer, thus, the wrist seal can be clued to that material, however the clue used will not work on rubber. However, whilst discussing with the shop concerned, they suggested www.snuggwetsuits.co.uk, Malcolm, the owner makes wetsuits for a living and thus can take in the sleeves for around £20-£30. I have to follow his extensive tailor's guide on his website and he will send it back corrected.

    Thanks to everyone as I would not have found this information without your initial help.

  • slatsslats Posts: 11
    I used to work in a dive shop and used to repair wetsuits, so........

    It's actually a easy DIY job, buy some wetsuit glue and cut out a v-shape taking out the excess. Then simply glue the 'v' together and stich the side with fabric on to strenghen. If you can't find neoprene glue, aquasure is actually far stronger and will probably be the last thing left after the wetsuit has worn away.

    Hope that helps
  • bunongbunong Posts: 49
    Have you tried gluing the wet suit to your arms each time you go swimming?? Only problem is it may take you longer in transition[:D][:D]
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