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For Sale: Polar RS400

Polar RS400 with Heart Rate strap in original box and software.

The watch is used and has scratches on the strap but not the actual watch face. The watch has been serviced within the last six months and new strap was fitted. The heart rate strap has had a new battery fitted in the past couple of weeks.

Watch is in perfect working order and as mentioned above the only defect are the scratches on the strap. If you would like some photos please email me I will forward some.

For more info on the watch functions please visit http://www.polar.fi/polar/channels/uk/segments/products/RS400.html.

I'm selling because I am sick of Polar's refusal to support Mac's, thus I can not analyse the info after a work out.

Looking for a quick sell as I hope to put the money from this sale together with birthday money for a new heart rate monitor.

I'm looking for around £110 as I paid £250 for the watch, thus I think £140 due to the scratches is enough discount, however I am very open to offers.

Thanks for the interest...




  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Just out of interest, loads of people have viewed but not responded, just wondered if people are interested or not? If you are interested but think I'm asking to much, please just say so, I really am open to offers. My figure is just to get the ball rolling. If your worried about the scratches, let me know and I will send images, there really not that bad, I just wanted to be honest.

    Could also do with some suggestions on selling, I know I have the eBay option, but I have had so many problems with eBay in the past I'm very reluctant.

    Thanks again
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